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We offer classes from early morning to late afternoon/early evenings, the coach will always adjust the workouts to suit your current fitness capacity and no day looks the same with our constantly varied training methodology. We are also a proud affiliate with the CrossFit Group. View the CrossFit Journal here.
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Our Mahalo box is filled with Gratitude for each new day. It's in our name and its something we remind ourselves of daily, to always be grateful and humble in our abilities, and to appreciate each and every person that helps us a little along the way on our journeys through life.
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Unlimited To Drop-Ins
These sessions are programmed to get the absolute best out of you!
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Monday To Saturday
Classes & Times
We realise that it is difficult to get around during the day, so we made it easy for you to join.
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Constantly Varied Training
Class Information
The coach will always adjust the workouts to suit your current fitness capacity
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About Us
We are a community that challenge one other to exceed our greatest expectations to cross boundaries and to climb mountains on a road within ourselves that leads to a life that is far beyond average, join our Mahalo Family today!
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